About this blog

This blog is just about what marketing is about put up in a simple-to understand context using metaphors from real life and different context from the marketing business world.

I'm currently pursuing a master in Digital Marketing and working as a Digital Marketing Manager for a recreational company in London along site with SEO, SEM (Pay-Per-Click campaigns and link-building) and exploring how small recreational business can benefit and compete healthily in their industry using free tools for branding, lead generation and increase of sales.

I would love to have a blog about Digital Marketing trends, but currently, I'm just learning from the marketing gurus and take time in retweeting their findings/research. Feel free to follow me on twitter and stay up to date in my process of hand-on-experience in Digital Marketing and what I consider as the digital-marketing-trends-of-the-week-retweets.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog,

Chryso Savva

PS: Feel free to comment on any of the subjects and articles