Saturday, 19 March 2011

Sustainable Business

"Life is about trusting your feelings and taking chances, losing and finding happiness, appreciating the memories, learning from the past, and realizing people change"

Found this quote after studying about corporate strategy and it hit me th

at in order to design a proper strategy to being profitable you have to be able to do exactly as what life is all about:

Trust your feelings

You have to be able to go for it.. trust your feelings. Don't hesitate, JUST GO FOR IT! Have an idea? Did you evaluate it enough? If you evaluate it based on a background of situations then don't just leave it for yourself, defend it!

Taking Chances:

GO FOR IT! Incorporate it to your vision and pass it on to others. Want your company to have a low cost scheme. Then "LOW LOW LOW" should be your daily motto. Employees going "LOW LOW LOW" the same way they go "BAD BAD BAD ROMANCE" ( you know.. the chorus of Lady Gaga's last year hit[2010]) it will eventually lead everybody having the same vision to your company/idea.

Losing and Finding Happiness

Ok, you had an idea and it wasn't successful and you are not that happy. That's ok, no need to worry! Think: Why wasn't it succesful? Is it because you didn't do good evaluations? Is it because the environment around you is changing and you didn't change along with it? Find out why and then find "happiness" again by using the factors for not being "happy" to better evaluate your techniques.

Learning from the past

You need to learn from your mistakes, so that you won't do the same ones again. You also need to learn from the mistakes of others in the past. This might save you from doing the same mistakes.

Realizing people change

People are changing, they change their habits, their likes and dislikes and their way of communication: 10 years ago, I loved to wake up early morning and go to school because I would have the chance to talk, communicate and collaborate with my school friends. Now? Well.. now people use Facebook, Twitter, iPhone, BlackBerry, Android operating devices, mobiles in general and all sort of communication mediums to communicate. Video conferences bring people together from different parts of the world and anybody can watch global news from YouTube whenever and wherever and from whenever: You are on Facebook? You see YouTube videos in your wall, you are reading a recent article at website:you see youtube links as well..

Scary isn't it? The scariest question though is: "Where is all of these going?". We see weather changing, with the tsunami of Japan as the most recent event showing that natural resources are going crazy.. Technology is going crazy.. People are going crazy! And as the craziness grows we need to grow with it. Don't be afraid of it, use it! Life is good, remember?

Overall.. Just wanted to say that business is life! If you want a good one, then be mature enough to enjoy it, support it and you'll be happy! Even when bad things happen along the way, learn from them, learn from others, collaborate with your life's friends and again: BE HAPPY!

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Power of Jargon

Most of you do use jargon in your everyday language, even if you don't realise it. You may use plié to talk about a balance step in ballet, dig to talk about a defensive contact following an opponent's attack resulting in a playable ball in a volleyball game, CPR to talk about an emergency procedure which is attempted in an effort to return life in person in cardiac arrest. And again what is cardiac arrest? It is definitely not an arrest by an officer with a badge stating "cardiac". Words or phrases like them seem highly crucial to some fields, but talking to others that do not belong to that field does not help in making them understand exactly what you are talking about.

Lets use the following scenario: You are an athlete that is experiencing some health issues and you've decided to do some blood exams. After a week of waiting you get them in an envelope with red ink stating MVP.You suddenly feel great.. I mean, you have been recognised by your own doctor authority as the Most Valuable Player and you are unaware that what MVP means is actually Mitral Valve Prolapse: the most common heart valve abnormality, affecting five to ten percent of the world population.. That would have been a serious outcome.

What does this has to do with marketing? Just think of the ROI(marketing jargon for Return on Investment) of an advertising campaign stating that you have CRM, CMS systems for small-medium companies. This has the same outcome as advertising the "La vache qui rit" brand in French, in Thailand; they will never realize that the ad is not about a funny looking French cow but about a cheese in the shape of a triangle which is cool to consume. Jargon work as a foreign language, and those that are not native speakers or have not undertaken a course to learn that foreign language it will all sound like Greek to them.

But come on! CRM, and CMS are highly professional software that do aim to help an organisation excel better!!! You are right BUT that organisation may not know your language.. your jargon. They know that they need a system to manage their content (which translates to CMS- content management system) and an ad speaking the customer-language will have better results.

Summing up, before doing a campaign, contacting your potential customers by sending those millions of emails hoping that at least 10% will result in a sale, think about your CUSTOMER, their jargon language and then yours. If it is not at the same level then think about other ways to promote it: use your customer's language instead.

The power of marketing!